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Expertise is a young and innovative firm. It was founded in 2012 as a result of activities carried out by our specialists, Alberto Peña Moscoso in the area of Dispute Resolution and Alternative Methods (ADR), and Juan José Salgado, in Commercial and Corporate Law. Expertise attracted valuable attorneys who joined the firm to contribute their knowledge and experience in several areas of legal practice. The Firm is well known for its principles and values based on honesty. Expertise attorneys are confident of their skills, and well aware of what the client can obtain as a result of their services.


Client satisfaction is our top priority. The services provided by our specialists are reliable and ensure effective and sound results for our clients.


A high level of responsibility is emblematic of Expertise. Our clients feel secure and supported by our qualified and competent professionals, who are also characterised by their seriousness, excellence and commitment to service.


Expertise meets the domestic and international needs of our clients. Our specialists provide direct, personalized and timely advice to fulfil the client’s objectives and goals.