Moreno decrees holiday

In three hours, the Government of Ecuador issued two executive decrees to modify the Labor Day holiday. At 14:34 this Thursday April 26, 2018, the Ministry of Communication issued Decree 379 signed by President Lenin Moreno and at 17:37 published Decree 380. The first ordered that the mandatory national holiday pass by this time from Monday, April 30 to Tuesday, May 1, 2018. The other document ordered that Monday 30 also be a mandatory holiday, both for the private sector and for the public.
In other words, in Ecuador there will be a four-day bridge rest from Saturday, April 28 to Tuesday, May 1, for International Labor Day.
Public officials, according to the latest decree, must compensate the day of Monday 30 with one additional hour of work, for eight days, starting on May 3. Private employees, on the other hand, must replace it according to the needs of the employer.In this context, the Ministry of Education reported that there will be no classes in the country’s establishments on Monday 30 and Tuesday 1 and that school activities will be resumed on Wednesday, May 2.Likewise, the Municipality of Quito indicated that the restriction of peak vehicular traffic and plaque will be applied in the city during the Monday and Tuesday of the holiday.

Below the transcript of Decree 379 of Moreno:

Article 1.- To provide that, only for this year, May 1 is the national holiday of mandatory rest for the celebration of International Labor Day.

Article 2.- To order the suspension of the working day of April 30, 2018 for all workers and employees of the public sector.

The private sector will be able to benefit from this modification of the working day.

Article 3.- The working day suspended on the 30th of the currents will be recovered in the public sector for an additional daily hour for 8 days, starting on May 2, 2018.

Article 4.- During the lapse of the suspension of the working days, the provision of basic public services shall be guaranteed, in which the highest authorities of the institutions, entities, and public sector agencies shall provide for the availability of personnel. minimum that allows satisfying the demands of the community satisfactorily “.

Below is the transcript of Moreno’s Decree 380:

Sole Article.- The suspension of the working day of April 30, 2018 is mandatory for all workers and employees of the public and private sectors. In the case of the public sector, said day will be recovered for one hour daily, for eight (8) days as of May 2, 2018; and, in the case of the private sector, such compensation may be established as deemed appropriate, according to the particularity of the employer’s needs “.

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